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 Stats For The Clan

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PostSubject: Stats For The Clan   Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:43 pm

First topic message reminder :

This is a team, where people that know and want to teach people how to WJ come and gather together. Come here too if you don't know how to WJ, the teachers here will teach you. This will ALWAYS be held in kongregate servers. Team Walljumpers is not only about walljumping, I will also hold contests, like some weird guessing games and teaching moonwalking.
Official room: /room TWJ
Group Photos: [X]
Main Forum:
- Know how to walljump on a normal wall, w/o cheese.
- Have at least more than 35 firsts *or* have more than 500 cheese
- Have fun!


* Hoodlume

* Thelilmouse
* Pecoe
* mentmentboy
* Doleduck
* Wipee

* asdfmanmon
* TheNiceDuck
* leftyman23
* gordonst4
* Transformiky
* toscano
* Soupah
* Horonoa
* mabzino
* thecooldudel
* pwnazor
* Raptorz
* Tribaldragon
* heepy1
* toscano
* Borntorule
* Seanvwtwo
* Klamity
* Tigermcbob
* Hotwhee
* Miceformers
* Thewhiner
* Adamsssss
* xxjeffxx
* Qata
* Kirdi
* Theredsquare
* Roflolzs
* Cheeseymoose
* bobflob
* Devilzero
* Mraaron545
* Hedgehog101
* epicwarKING
* WhtFox
* FrRi2Mi
* Huhega
* wiiwonder
* ChrisCool100
* Thelilmouse

* Wipee
* thelilmouse

* Rempie
* Gizmodo
* Sausagetoes
* iGetPoints
* Penusss
* Tribaldragon

* flamion
* slypickle


Banned list:
No one is banned! Yay! Very Happy


*Admins:* They have the power to appoint moderators and can do what moderators can do.
Requirements for admin: You cant!

*Moderators:* They have the power to ban members, give warnings and so on.
Requirements for modship: You must go through tests 10 with me with a group.

*Teachers:* They test the people who want to be mentors into mentors, and teach students how to walljumping and stuff.
Requirements for teacher: You must get personal approval from me.

*Mentors:* They teach new-comers, students, how to walljump up walls.
Requirements for mentor: You must be tested by a teacher first.

- Added mentors! Yay!
- Added a new banner! This looks so much better than the old one!
- Finish website for TeamWalljumpers!
- Added a banner!


The beast of death

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PostSubject: Re: Stats For The Clan   Sat Oct 02, 2010 3:37 am

Newest pro member TYRISO
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PostSubject: Re: Stats For The Clan   Mon Oct 04, 2010 6:24 am

our new member is Eniyikedi
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PostSubject: Re: Stats For The Clan   

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Stats For The Clan
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